Oral Surgery in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia

When you or your family member are in need of oral surgery, you can get the treatment you need from the local family dentist you know and trust! Dr. Fitzpatrick at Sackville Smile Centre offers a selection of oral surgeries that are always delivered with each patient's optimal oral health in mind. Our oral surgery menu includes the following:

Dental Implant Placement

patient smiling after his oral surgery procedure at Sackville Smile CentreFor a long-lasting solution for lost teeth, Dr. Fitzpatrick offers permanent dental implants! 

Our team offers single dental implant placement, known to provide long-lasting, natural-looking results. Dental implants use titanium posts implanted into the jawbone, creating a foundation for durable dental crown restorations. Each implant is designed to last decades, without discomfort or dietary restrictions! 

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions can be performed in an emergency procedure after trauma or injury, or as a preventive measure, such as with wisdom teeth removal. Dr. Fitzpatrick provides extractions for patients who are experiencing pain and discomfort or have an infection caused by a tooth that is damaged beyond repair. In some cases, a surgical extraction may be required, but simple extractions are also performed if the tooth appears above the gum line. Before any extraction, our dentist will administer a dental exam and take digital x-rays to determine the extent of the damage. 

Root Canal Therapy (Endodontics)

Root canal therapy becomes necessary when a tooth becomes infected, has had trauma, or has a large cavity affecting the nerve. A root canal allows you to keep your tooth by cleaning and filling the inside of your tooth rather than having it taken out. At Sackville Smile Centre, our dentist will take a customized approach to help you determine if root canal therapy is right for you.

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Sackville Smile Centre is proud to offer comfortable oral surgeries for all ages. Call today to schedule your surgical consultation with Dr. Fitzpatrick! 

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